A Guide To the W88 Promotions

W88 Promotions

Introduction to W88 Thai Website

W88 is one of the most trusted and a reliable sports betting website in the gambling world. It has numerous sports betting options for a variety of live sports, events, leagues and tournaments. W88 has live gambling sports option for those who love to gamble online at the convenience of your home. You can also do sports betting in the W88 mobile application easily. W88 sports betting company offers the most accurate bets to the customers and is a very reliable website in terms of financial transactions. W88 Thai is the most trusted gambling website in Asia.

Special Promotions Available At the W88 Thai Website 

The special promotions are numerous in the W88 Thai website as discussed below.

            Promotions for New Member 

any interesting promotions and bonuses are available for new subscribers. Even for the long time members, a number of bonuses are available to enjoy its benefits. This is one reason many gamblers are attracted to this website for its benefits.W88 offers a welcome bonus of USD200 for all slot games. Welcome bonus of up to USD50 on first deposit is offered to new comers. Limited bonus offer of $100 is offered at live casino for new members. 20% extra fun bonus is also an attractive bonus offered to all new comers.

            Special Offers

A special weekly spin wheel offers 100% prizes win. Special Bonus $250 is offered for high rollovers. Five plus combo 100% cash back is offered on over 50000 monthly sports events. Special 0.2% and 0.3% daily cash rebate is offered for live sports. Special promotions for those who love to Poker game is available.

W88 Promotions

            Promotions for VIP Customers

Special offers are available for W88 Thai VIP customers. Premium services are there for special customers to enjoy its benefits. You will receive special gifts immediately. One has to make an initial deposit to avail any of these special offers. Many prizes are available for sports bettors. There are also few special events to participate for sports bettors. High amount of money as bonus is offered.$250 bonus is offered on high rollovers. Birthday Bonus of $600 is deposited on your W88 account on your birthday month. Slots instant cash rebate of up to 1.0% is offered only on Club Palazzo/Bravado/Massimo. Slots cash back up to $100 is offered daily for VIP Gold, platinum and Diamond holders. Live casino instant rebate of up to 0.8% is offered to Club premiere members.

General Terms and Conditions on Promotions 

  • All offers are open to only one free open account per individual, family, house address, e-mail, telephone number, bank account and IP address.
  • Offers are availed only for members who registers with exact information.
  • Offers are intended for recreational players only.
  • W88 has all rights to alter, amend or terminate a Promotion.
  • W88 has the right to withhold, cancel or reclaim all bonus if any eligible account holder breaches or abuses on a series of bets.