Know the big wheel better and brighter

Gambling is the most lucrative game that everyone around the world would try it once. Gambling is a diverse term that has hell lot of games inside it. If you start counting the games then you cannot actually count. There are so many hidden games that the people aren’t even aware of in the first place. To place the games is a different thing. Some of the games are the real fun to deal with and is the best time pass. One of the game is the big wheel.

What is a Big wheel?

The big wheel is actually a big wheel that has number or symbols printed on it. If you have played roulette or at least aware of it then it would help you understand the game better. However, the game is not that difficult to understand either. The diameter of the wheel is one meter or more depending on the casinos. The wheel is placed vertically so that the players can see it clearly without turns head down. The wheel is partitioned into 52 subsections and each section are numbered consecutively. In some casinos, the subsections are print with symbols while in order case the numbers and the symbols are both present.

How to play it?

This game is available at poker online Indonesia and is similar to roulette except that it does not have a ball to point to a number. However, if you don’t know roulette then it is no big deal. That is because the rules in roulette are even more complex but with the big wheel, it is simpler. Similar to the roulette the main concept in here is to think of a number the wheel will stop it. This completely is a chance based game.

As the game starter, the dealer will ask for a number or a set of numbers that you think the pinter will stop. If you choose asset of the number then you have to make higher bets. Once you called the number you have to place the coins as your wager. The dealer then spins the wheel and stops after a few rotations. The number is called out loud and the one that owns the call get back the wager and in addition to that he gets extra depending on how much he wages.


The big will doesn’t give in many commands to the player. All the player has to do think of a number and wait for the luck to shine. However few small wins can be done here but if you want to make a huge amount then this is not the game for you. You can play poker for that. The only way you can win decent money is through skill-based games, that gives you a command over the game and help you win.