Which poker room to choose?

poker room

Poker rooms have all their specificities, their strength, and their weak tip. All present fictitious cash explanation, to permit you to create your hand without spending a penny. We counsel you to test several (each room in the list whose link below has a Download button situs poker domino, giving you access to the software of said room). Once you know them a little better, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what you want to do.

What is a network of rooms?

It is a set of rooms that are only “skins” (appearances) of software, and which can thus share their players. Being part of a network allows nascent rooms situs poker domino, and not yet having enough players to ensure proper traffic or money to create your software, enjoy a pool of players from several other rooms.

situs poker domino

How to register on a room

Once the software is installed (or the web page loaded, for rooms offering a no-download version), you must create an account. Again, it does not cost you a cent. A few clicks and less than ten minutes (five if you read and type quickly) are enough to register. This very simple registration does not commit you to anything. You can play fictitious money as long as you want. If you decide to play money, then you will have 30 days to communicate to the room in question proof of your identity and your domiciliation, to proceed to the validation of your account. The approved rooms will not fail to keep you informed of the procedure to be followed.

How to play on the poker software I just launched?

When you connect to the room you just installed, you end up in the main living room, often called ” lobby “. From here you can access the tables you want to play. Generally, this salon is divided into several “sub-salons”. A lounge for tournaments, one for Sit’ and ‘Go and one for the cash-game: this is the triptych generally adopted by poker sites. The tournaments (Sit and ‘Go and Multi-table Tournaments) each have their own lounge , which opens in a new window or tab of the main window, and gives you access to more specific information about them: To start, the cash-game at very low limits (a few cents of the big blind ) is often advisable. If you prefer to opt for the format “tournament”, the Sit’ and Go with very low registration amount (for example, 1 €) seem all right. Thus, you can take control of the software before ramping up.