Casino Has Been From The Medieval Peroid

Lottery Spin Wheel

In ancient period, Kings and Queens played games in their empire.  On those days the entertainment from the kids to aged people is playing games.  The games are of different kinds.  Playing games gives energy and refreshes the body and soul from within.  Playing games is equivalent to doing exercise; it not only gives refreshment to the body and also does to the work with involvement. Playing games teaches a lot of lessons like confidence, encouragement, helping tendency etc. When we play physical games like running, playing cricket, tennis, hockey etc., it gives freshness to the body and also makes our body fit.  It reduces the stress and tension.  Those days there were two types of games i.e. physical and mind games.

Gaming Theory

Physical games are running and playing in the round.  Mind games are playing chess, cards etc., nowadays games are created as application in the mobiles.      Children are very lazy, they are not playing in the ground as they are addicted to mobiles, and they are playing only mobile games. Though they get addicted to mobile games, Puzzle game and work game make the children to think and play.  There are games played illegally since it involves playing with money.  This is called gambling.  The winning person gets money from the opposite person. It makes a person addicted to the game. When the person failed in the game, he gives himself another chance to get back the money again in the next attempt.

Advantages Of Games


Lottery is a game which is a typical casino.  This name comes from French word roleta.  It means small wheel which is used to play the game casino.  The magic movement of the wheel, it increases the speed as it moves away, the possibility to stop the wheel at a random point.  The Lottery could be entertainment circle of friends.  Multiple bets are possible during a play.  Since 18th century lottery has been the game captured by the imagination and hearts of players around the world.  The ตรวจ หวย is very simple to understand.

It is played in several countries around the world.  The American lottery wheel is most notable difference with a pocket for 0 and 00.  The interesting difference is that the numbers of American Lottery wheel are placed in pairs opposite to each other.  The betting layout is very straightforward and easy to place your bet on either inside or outside bet.  Outside bets are very simple and as a result pay less.  The knowledge of the game is really important to enjoy and have chances to win. The main difference is that the American Lottery has two boxes but the European and French have only one box to play.